Renault ZOE Pelleteria


In the Muvon car park: press the button on the left-hand dashboard panel between the steering wheel and the driver’s door to open the bonnet flap (Renault logo) and gently pull the connector. You will have 30 seconds to connect or disconnect the charging cable. Follow the same procedure to connect the cable and charge the car.

To open or close the mirrors, turn the wheel on the driver’s armrest by 180 degrees. Adjust them by selecting the position that best suits your vision by moving the wheel like a joystick.

Remember that being an electric car and therefore automatic, you will only need your right foot, which you will use to switch between the accelerator (right) and brake (left) pedals. Forget your left foot. If this is your first time driving an electric car, we recommend that you place your left foot as far away from the pedals as possible (bend your leg next to the seat).

Once you are in the driver’s seat and with the mirrors adjusted and the seat belt fastened, press the brake pedal WITH YOUR RIGHT FOOT and press the START button where the contact is usually found.
The gear lever has four positions:

P: Parking

A: Backwards

N: Neutral

D: Direct

To move forward, move the lever to position D and gently alternate the brake pedal with the accelerator. You will notice how the car starts to move forward. From then on it’s just driving and singing.

Call 692925117 from the phone you indicated in the registration to open the door telematically.

To return the car:

  • Santa Fe: access the ACIRE area freely on Santa Fe street. Go straight until Carrer del Vent, turn right and go along Carrer del Seminari until Carrer Pelleteria (the first left).
  • Cort: freely access the ACIRE area by Carrer de la Cadena. Cross Plaza de Santa Eulalia and exit onto Carrer Can Fortuny. Then take Carrer Monti-Sion and turn left onto Carrer Pelleteria.

You can drive through the ACIRE area of Calatrava, as well as through its permitted accesses.


Remember that to enter other ACIRE areas you must ask for a temporary driving permit to avoid possible fines.

To extend your booking, make a new booking from the Muvon app, indicating the final delivery time. If the app does not allow this, it means that another user has made a booking during the same time slot. If you are going to be late, please call us on 623188381 and we will notify the next driver.

Electric vehicles do not pay ORA in most municipalities in Mallorca.
However, there is a small percentage of municipalities where you DO have to pay ORA. Check our updated post dedicated to the municipalities with ORA payment in the blog.

Through the MELIB network聽 you can charge your car for free at all public stations. Many shopping centres, LIDL or IKEA, also have free quick charging points for their customers. You will find the card in the glove compartment and the cable in the boot. Follow the instructions on each charging point.

In addition to the traffic regulations, we would appreciate it if you would take the following points into consideration when driving. Remember that you share a car with other users 馃檪

  • Do not consume alcoholic beverages, medicines that alter consciousness or narcotics if you are going to drive.
  • Do not smoke inside the car.
  • Do not take more passengers than are allowed.
  • If you have animals, put them in a carrier.
  • Do not allow anyone else to drive during your booking.
  • Return the car clean.
  • Be rigorous with damage and cleanliness so that we can provide a better service.
  • Remember that as it is a car share, other people may be waiting at the end of your booking. If for any reason you cannot arrive on time and cannot extend your booking, please contact to advise of your arrival time.

We have reinforced cleaning and hygiene measures to ensure the safety of the driver and passengers, subjecting the vehicles to exhaustive daily disinfection.

Each vehicle is equipped with disinfectant gel and an ozone generator to complement prevention measures such as the use of masks and personal distance.

Additional Information

Do not hesitate to call us or write us if you don’t find the information you need. We try to be available 24 hours.