Car Rental from Mallorca Airport

Rent an electric car from the Muvon app.
No excess, no deposit and no unnecessary waiting.

Muvon Carsharing

Muvon is an electric car rental service in Palma with which you can rent a car by the hour or by the day to move around the island. We have stations in the centre of Palma, accessible from Palma de Mallorca airport.

Advantages of Muvon

How to rent a car with Muvon

zero emissions

Move around Mallorca without leaving your mark

With Muvon you can travel around the island from end to end with all expenses included while promoting sustainable mobility and free of CO2 emissions.

BMW i3
Eléctrico 300km
4 Plazas
5 Puertas
Muvon La Lonja
Muelle de la lonja, s/n 07012 Palma Islas Baleares
Renault ZOE
Eléctrico 300km
5 Plazas
5 Puertas
Muvon Calatrava
Carrer de la Pelleteria, 7, 07001 Palma, Illes Balears

Rent a car without excess and without deposit

With Muvon you only pay for the duration of your booking. The longer you rent the car, the cheaper the rental price. Forget about paying for refuelling or parking and extra costs such as deposit, excess or insurance.

  • Price per 1 hour 7.20 € / hora

    Minimum booking time 30 minutes.

  • Flat Rate 10 - 24 Hours 72 € / día

    Single rate applicable to reservations of 10 to 24 hours duration.

  • Flat rate +24 hours 60 € / día

    Single rate applicable to reservations of more than 24 hours.

How to get from Mallorca Airport to the centre

Palma de Mallorca Airport is located 9 km from the city centre. Muvon has two car hire stations in Palma, accessible from the airport in less than 15 minutes. You can do this by taxi or by public bus.

Bus A1 Airport - Centre

At the exit of the airport you will find a bus stop, just past the taxi rank and before the car park building. The A1 bus takes you from the airport to the centre of Palma in 15 minutes. It costs €5 which you can pay in cash or by credit card. Check the Bus A1 Airport-Centre timetable.


Take a taxi to the Muvon station of your choice. The journey should cost you no more than €20 and will take approximately 10 minutes.

Once you arrive at the Muvon car park or station where your hire car is located, simply follow the instructions on the booking app.

Let's Muvon!

Download the app and join Muvon. All you need to book a car is to have your mobile phone at hand.

Any doubts?

Contact us whenever you need to.

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