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How Muvon Carsharing works

You can book a car from 1 hour to as many days as you need. Our hourly or daily rates are all-inclusive.

Renting a car with the Muvon app is that easy:

  1. Click on “Book” and select your pick-up and drop-off date and time.
  2. Select the vehicle that suits you best from those available.
  3. Confirm your booking.
  4. Pay on the spot for the number of hours or days selected.

The car is always collected and returned at the same station.

During your trip you can extend your booking from the app and pay on the spot, as long as the car is not booked by another driver. Remember that we are a carsharing company and our cars are shared between several drivers on the same day 😉

Go to the car park of your choice. Open the app and follow this process:

  1. Start your booking with your PIN code chosen at registration.
  2. Take 4 photos of the car (one per side).
  3. Open the car from the app.
  4. Indicate the car’s state of cleanliness.
  5. Check the damage in the app and report new damage if any.
  6. Confirm the start of your booking.

At the end of your booking, the steps will be the same.

Our cars have a range of over 350 km. Each station has its own charger so that the car is always charging when not in use. Prepare for your journey in the 100% electric Cupra Born:

  1. Take the remote control – the car keys – from the interior compartment.
  2. Press open to disconnect the cable.
  3. Disconnect the cable from the car and the charger.
  4. Store the cable in the boot.
  5. Adjust the seat and mirrors and… drive!

If you are driving an electric car for the first time, remember that it drives just like an automatic car. Use your right foot to toggle between brake and accelerator. Press START / STOP to turn the car on or off and toggle between D – Forward / R – Reverse / P – Park.

Enjoy silent driving and move around the island without leaving a trace thanks to our Cupra Born fleet with advanced technology and safety systems at the wheel.

When it’s time to finish your journey, park the vehicle at the same station where you picked it up and follow the same process as when you started your journey, but in reverse:

  1. Connect the cable to the charger and to the car to leave the car charging.
  2. Leave the keys in the interior compartment.
  3. Collect your belongings and leave the car clean for the next driver.
  4. Take 4 photos of the car (one per side).
  5. Indicate the car’s state of cleanliness.
  6. Report damage. If you have had an incident during your trip, call us when it happens.
  7. Lock the car from the app.
  8. Confirm the end of your booking with your PIN code.

During the trip, make use of the car and take care of it as if it were your own. Take the car keys with you to open and close the car and remember to leave them inside when your booking is over.

⚡️Si you need to charge your car, you have complete information in our article where to charge an electric car in Mallorca.

As an extra, you will be pleased to know that electric cars do not pay ORA – regulated parking – in most municipalities on the island. Check the municipalities where you do have to pay ORA to avoid fines.

⚠️ If you plan to move around the centre of Palma, bear in mind that you must ask for permission to avoid fines for entering ACIRE zones.

Any further questions?

In our FAQ section you will find the answers to all your questions.
If you prefer, you can always call us and have a chat. We look forward to hearing from you 😎