Rent a car in Mallorca at the best price

With Muvon Carsharing you only pay for the time your booking lasts


Rent a car by the hour

Rent a car in Mallorca with Muvon Carsharing and pay only for the hours your booking lasts.
Our hourly rate is all-inclusive and there is no small print.

/ Hour

What's included:

With Muvon you can rent a car in Mallorca with no excess and no deposit.
Our vehicles are fully insured, with an excess of 300€ that you will only pay in the event of an incident.
Rent a car by the hour or for one or more days, depending on your travel needs. 

Our rates are dynamic and vary according to the duration of the rental and the season of the year.
Check the final price of your booking on the Muvon app. 

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Sustainable mobility

Pick up a car at one of our stations and travel around the island in a sustainable, emission-free way. When your booking is finished, return the car at the same station where you picked it up and check that the car stays charging.

By paying only for the time you really need the car, you are favouring a more sustainable type of mobility in Mallorca and contributing to reducing the number of vehicles on the island (currently 1.2 cars per driver).

Car sharing in Mallorca

Car sharing is a service based on the use of shared cars that optimises the use of a vehicle among several drivers.

Sharing is caring. Use the car as if it were your own and try to leave it the same or better than you found it for the next driver. Make sure you take all your belongings and waste with you. Our vehicles are cleaned and disinfected on a daily basis.