How much does it cost?
Renting an electric car by the hour also means saving on C02.


Book a car by the hour with Muvon and forget about paying for fuel or parking and extra expenses such as deposits or insurance*. With Muvon everything is included.

  • Price per 1 hour 7.20 € / hora

    Minimum booking time 30 minutes.

  • Flat Rate 10 - 24 Hours 72 € / día

    Single rate applicable to reservations of 10 to 24 hours duration.

Do the maths


Day at the beach

36 €

Share the journey with friends and see how easy and comfortable it is to escape to the beach with an electric vehicle.


Visit to IKEA

14,4 €

Take advantage of the spacious boot to do your shopping and move around without the worry of having to locate a taxi in Palma.


Night in a shelter

72 €

With our flat rate you can book an electric car between 10 and 24 hours and pay only for the use of the vehicle.

What's included


With Muvon you pay for the time you use the car. We will not ask you for a deposit.

* Insurance

With Muvon you are fully insured, with an excess of 300 euros in case of incident.


Electric cars do not pay ORA in most municipalities of Mallorca.


Because being an electric car you will only stop at the gas station to buy a soft drink.


As it is a shared car, we only ask that you return it in the same state in which you found it.

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