Frequently asked questions about Muvon

Muvon is a carsharing service available in Mallorca that offers you the possibility to rent an electric vehicle by the hour, easily, from our app. Picking up and then returning the car to the same place. As if you had your own car in a parking lot, with the advantage of only paying for the hours you use it. Furthermore, as it is an electric and shared vehicle , you are contributing towards a sustainable mobility on our wonderful island.

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Download the app and create your driver profile in just a few minutes by providing a bank card, ID card or passport and driving licence. In a few minutes we will validate your details and you will be able to book a car.

We manually validate and verify each new registration and try to be as quick as possible. If you want to make a reservation on the spot and your details are pending validation, call us and we will check them immediately.

You must be over 26 years of age and be in possession of a valid driving license for driving in Spain.

Yes, as long as it is valid, issued in Spain or within the EU or is an international driving license. Foreign licenses that meet the necessary conditions for driving in Spain are also valid as long as it has not been 6 months or more since the holder acquired residency or entered Spain regularly. See our terms and conditions for more information.

We have special plans for companies that want to offer the service to their employees as a company car. Contact us for more information at

If you can’t remember your password, click on the “Forgot your password” link on the login screen. We will send you a link to your email account to create a new one.
If you want to change it for security reasons: go to your profile and in the security tab (padlock icon), edit your password by entering your current password and the new password you have chosen.

If you don’t remember your car unlock PIN or simply want to update it, log in to your profile and go to the security tab (padlock icon). From there you can update your PIN or request a new one. We will send you a link to your email account with a temporary PIN in case you have forgotten it.


The pick-up and drop-off point is the same. Book the car through the app at the station that suits you best. When you are nearing the end of your booking, return the car to the same station where you picked it up.

From the app, select a pick-up and drop-off date and time. Please note that bookings are made in 1-hour slots (the rental price for 1 hour and 30 minutes is the same as 2 hours). When you click on the “Book for X hours” button, the list of available vehicles for the hours you selected will be displayed, sorted by proximity. Click on the vehicle that best suits your needs. Check the booking details and click continue. Next, choose one of the insurance franchise options and click continue. Make the payment and create your booking. You will receive an email confirming your booking details.

If you can’t find a car or have problems making a reservation, call us and we will inform you of the availability of the cars.

When it’s time to start your booking, open the app and go to “My bookings” (calendar icon in the bottom menu) and click on the “Start rental” button. Complete the required steps to start your trip: damage control, cleaning status and car unlocking.

During your trip, use the keys in the glove box to unlock and lock the car.

At the end of your journey, leave the car charging, collect your belongings, leave the keys in the glove box and then open the app. Click on the “End rental” button and complete the required steps to end the trip: damage control, confirmation boxes, cleaning status and locking the car from the app.

If due to a change of plans you would like to cancel your booking, you can do so directly from the app and request an automatic refund with the following considerations:

We will refund 97% of the amount of the booking if less than 4h have passed since you made the booking and/or there are more than 48h left for the start of the booking.

Otherwise, we will refund 50% of the amount of the booking. Except for bookings of more than 7 days, in which case you will receive 50% of the amount for the first 7 days and the rest at 100%.

When you do a search in the app you will be shown the nearest available vehicles.

If you want to extend your current booking, you can check from the app if the vehicle is available and confirm the extension of the booking as well as make the payment.

If you can’t find a car, call us and we will inform you of the availability of the cars.

If you return the car later than the time indicated in the booking, you will have to pay double the price for the extra minutes, starting from the time your booking ended. If during your booking you would like to extend the rental time or change the return time, you can do so through the app. We recommend doing this as far in advance as possible to ensure that the vehicle is available.

Muvon is all about sharing, so someone else may be waiting for your return. Unforeseen events happen to all of us, so if for any reason you can’t make it on time you should let the muvon administrator (+34 623 188 381) know so they can contact the next user to coordinate a possible alternative. “To share is to care”.

Once the booking has been confirmed and charged, there will be no refunds for early termination.

All Muvon cars have a USB socket to charge your mobile phone. Make sure you have enough battery power to complete your booking by using the USB socket located on the central panel, below the navigation screen.

As long as you need, as long as it does not coincide with another booking.


You’ll find your car keys or remote control in the glove box or compartment in front of the passenger seat. Take them with you and use them to unlock and lock the car during your journey. At the end of your rental, put it back in the glove box.

Remember that as you are using an electric car and therefore automatic, you will only need your right foot, which you will use to switch between the accelerator (right) and brake (left) pedals. Forget about your left foot. If this is your first time driving an electric car, we recommend placing your left foot as far away from the pedals as possible (bend your leg next to the seat).

Once you are in the driver’s seat, with your mirrors adjusted and your seatbelt fastened, press the brake pedal WITH YOUR RIGHT FOOT and press the START button where the ignition is usually located.

The gear lever has four positions:
P: Park
R: Reverse
N: Neutral
D: Direct

To move forward, move the lever to the D position and gently alternate the brake pedal with the accelerator. You will notice how the car starts to move forward. From then on it’s just a case of driving and singing.

On a full charge and under normal conditions, you can cover between 250 and 450 km, depending on the vehicle you have booked. It all depends on the type of driving you perform, the terrain and the use of heating or air conditioning during the journey. Here are some tips on how to optimize the battery of an electric car while driving.

Muvon vehicles are equipped with heating, air conditioning, GPS navigation (except for 2 vehicles that do not have it), multimedia station (radio, USB, Bluetooth) and Mennekes charging cable (supports fast charging) in the boot. Check the features of each car in the app when you make your reservation.

Yes, all Muvon cars are fully insured with an excess of €600.00. You can reduce this excess by half by paying an extra €5.00 when you make your booking. Please refer to the terms and conditions for more details about the cover.

Yes, you can drive on any public road in Mallorca, as you would with a normal car, except in ACIRE zones in Palma and other areas restricted to traffic, such as the cape of Formentor in summer. See our article on ACIRE zones in Palma for more information on how to apply for an access permit or avoid a fine if you have entered without authorisation.

If you wish to circulate in the ACIRE zone, you must request authorisation to enter. Either through the intercoms set up for this purpose, by telephone 971225530 or by email

In our blog you will find additional information on how to avoid being fined for entering Palma’s ACIRE zone.

You can park in the areas designated for this purpose. Remember that as an electric car you do not have to pay ORA in most municipalities. Check in our blog the municipalities of Mallorca where electric vehicles do have to pay ORA.

When you confirm your booking, the app will show you how to get to the car park. You will find the instructions on the screen of your booking in the app.

You can make the necessary stops and park during your journey by unlocking and locking the car from the app.

When your booking is complete, return the car to the same station where you picked it up, click on “Finalize booking” and complete the necessary steps to end your rental: Plug in the changing cable, perform a damage check, make sure the car is clean and lock the vehicle.

Charging the battery

Depending on the type of driving, use of heating and other factors, the car can travel up to 300 or 450km (depending on the car you rented). With an efficient battery use you can even extend the range while driving.

Muvon vehicles have a regenerative braking system: that operates when lifting your foot off the accelerator, not only will you slow down without pressing the brake, but the batteries will be recharged. Efficient use of the batteries means you can extend your range without the need to connect to a charging point.

There is a button next to the gear lever that will change the car into ECO mode: by reducing the acceleration and limiting the speed to 95km/h, you can extend the range considerably.

We recommend driving smoothly, anticipating maneuvers (reducing speed in advance), accelerating gently and making moderate use of the air conditioning. This will optimize battery life.

For more information, we recommend that you read our article with tips on how to optimize the battery of an electric car.

If you don’t have enough autonomy to reach the car park of origin, you should make sure you find charging points along the way that will allow you to end your reservation on time, using the NFC card that you will find in the glove compartment or the network of MELIB chargers in Mallorca.

See our article on where to charge an electric car in Mallorca.

See our article on where to charge an electric car in Mallorca.

Renault ZOE:

Open the bonnet hatch (Renault logo) by pressing the button on the left-hand panel of the dashboard, between the steering wheel and the driver’s door. You will have 30 seconds to connect the charging cable. The charging point is automatically activated. To disconnect it, press the button again and pull gently on the connector. The charging process will stop.

BMW i3 or Hyundai KONA:

Open the hatch on the side of the vehicle by pressing the open button on the car’s remote control. Connect the cable to the car and the charging post, then follow the instructions for each charger. The driving display will indicate the remaining time to fully charge the car.

Rules of use

In addition to the traffic regulations, we would be grateful if you would bear the following points in mind when driving. Remember that you are sharing a car with other users 🙂

  • Do not consume alcoholic beverages, drugs or any other substances that may alter your consciousness if you are going to drive.
  • Do not smoke in the car.
  • Do not carry more passengers than allowed.
  • If you carry animals, carry them in a carrier.
  • Do not allow anyone else to drive during your reservation.
    Return the car clean.
    Be rigorous about damage and cleanliness so that we can provide a better service.

Remember that as it is a shared car, other people may be waiting for you at the time your booking ends. If for any reason you cannot arrive on time and cannot extend your booking, please contact to let us know your arrival time.

During your booking, you are responsible for any fines for traffic violations, parking violations, etc. If we receive a notice and process a ticket, we will charge you a €20 processing fee in addition to the original amount of the fine. We are obliged to identify the driver to the relevant authorities as the rental contract you agreed to when making a reservation stipulates.

Send us an email to to let us know that you have been fined. Whether you pay the fine or decide to appeal it, we want to know what happened. We need to know the date and time of the offense, the vehicle registration number, the type of offense (speeding, parking, etc.), the fine number, the amount and the location where you were fined. By doing so, if there is a problem with the payment process, or a technical glitch, we will know that you are aware of it and have not thrown it away. Please note that some violations can affect insurance coverage, so it is very important that you report any violations to Muvon.

If you do not pay the fine, we will be informed and you will be charged a processing fee of €20. In addition, you will still be responsible for paying the fine. If possible, we will resend the fine to you. And if we can’t, we will pay the fine and any surcharge. The total of this amount will then be taken from your account. You may be subject to further fines or account suspension, so we recommend that you pay the fine immediately.

If you want to appeal a fine and the issuing authority allows you to do so, please do so as soon as possible. If we receive a notification by post, and you have not yet appealed the fine to the issuing authority, we will automatically debit your account for the amount of the fine, plus the processing fee.

Whether you forget or find an object, the best thing to do is write to us at to arrange collection. If you find it, leave it in the boot and we will arrange for it to be returned to its owner. Muvon is not responsible for objects left in the car during your booking, although we will do our best to recover them.

Yes, as long as you indicate this at the time of booking and send the extra driver’s documentation for approval. This request may incur extra costs which will be paid from the app at the time of payment for the car hire.

Yes, as long as you are respectful of other users and carry them in their carriers (except for guide dogs, which may travel with their owners). Please note that additional charges may apply under the T&C regarding dirt and odors.

If the accident is minor and involves third parties, fill in the accident report. The vehicle is fully comprehensive with an excess of 600€, so if you are responsible for the accident, if repairs are needed you will be responsible for that amount. Check the Conditions of Contract for more information.

When you start your booking, take a moment to check the general condition of the vehicle and compare it with the report you will find in the App. If you find any damage that does not correspond to the damage control system, you must take pictures of each damage or breakage and upload it to the app for our evaluation. This is very important, as failure to do so may result in you being unfairly charged.

All cars get dirty with use, which is why at Muvon we take care to keep them as clean as possible. However, Muvon is based on the use of shared cars: try to leave it in the same condition as you found it, or better. Don’t forget to take all your belongings with you, including rubbish. Otherwise, extra charges may apply.

From the app you can indicate the cleanliness of the vehicle at the start of your trip and send us a photo in case the vehicle needs cleaning.


By credit or debit card. You can add as many as you want and select them from your profile. Once the booking has been confirmed, the payment will be made.

You will receive an email with the booking confirmation right after making the reservation and an invoice when the car is closed, with all the costs itemized.

We are sorry to see you leave, but you have the right to do so whenever you want. If it is due to any incident call us on 623188381 and we will try to solve it, if you still want to unsubscribe, write to us at and we will unsubscribe you immediately. Consult our privacy policy to exercise your rights regarding the management of your personal data.

Muvon cars are fully comprehensive with an excess of €600 (the maximum amount you would have to pay if you were responsible for an accident).
Smoking or vaping in the car – 50 €.
Drunk driving – 500 €.
Discharging the battery due to misuse (e.g. headlights on) – 50 €.
Leaving the window down at the end of the reservation – €50
Loss of SD card – 50 € 50
Loss of car documents – 250 €.
Returning the car outside the station – 180 €.
Loss of recharging cable – 300 €.
Driver not authorized by Muvon – 500 €.
Towing outside the assistance included in the insurance – 180 €.
Immobilisation of the vehicle due to negligence on the part of the User – 180 € / day
Puncture or burst tyre – 300 €.
In inadequate conditions of cleanliness – 50 €.
Processing of a fine (identifying the driver) – 20 €
Costs resulting from negligent driving (e.g. driving on an unpaved road or drunk driving) – Total cost of repair.
Muvon is not responsible for informing users of any temporary or indefinite restrictions that the competent authorities may apply, especially in the ACIRE area of Palma. The user must know and comply with the traffic regulations at all times and assume the fine/s during their reservation in the event of an infringement.

You can start enjoying your Muvon car from 7.2 € / hour depending on the vehicle and time of year. Muvon reserves the right to change rates depending on demand or other factors at any time. Check the current rates on our website and through the app.