Muvon for Business

Sustainable, economical, flexible.

Carsharing for business

Reduce your mobility costs and carbon footprint while saving time on your business trips. We provide you with a fleet of shared electric cars that you only pay for the time you use them.

Save on transport costs

Avoid paying mileage allowances, petrol or regulated parking (ORA). With Muvon you only pay for the hours you need the car, so it is cheaper than a taxi or a rent a car. Our pay-as-you-go rates include everything.

Reduce the corporate fleet

By optimising the use of a single vehicle, the costs associated with the corporate vehicle fleet can be reduced by up to 30%. Our booking system allows employees to plan their journeys and release the car when it is not in use.

Sustainable mobility

Our cars are electric and powered by renewable energy sources. By promoting the use of carsharing among employees you are contributing to reducing CO2 emissions and minimising your company's carbon footprint.

Plans for companies

Rates to suit your needs

If you are a self-employed professional or entrepreneur interested in using Muvon as a company car, please contact us. We offer special plans with rates that adapt to your needs and those of your company.

For self-employed or employees

Enjoy the freedom of owning a car and paying for it only when you need it. From the app you can add a payment method associated with the company and download the invoice at the end of your journey.

For businesses

Reduce your mobility costs with our pay-as-you-go rates. Use Muvon's cars as if they were your company's fleet. We take care of the management.


BMW i3, Hyundai KONA and Renault ZOE with more than 250 km of emission-free range.

24/7 telephone support

We are available 24 hours a day to answer queries and resolve any unforeseen event.

Maintenance and cleaning

We keep an exhaustive control of the condition of the cars so that you only have to worry about what really matters.

Fully comprehensive insurance

Our vehicles are fully comprehensive insured with an excess of 300€.

Centralised billing

Add different payment methods to differentiate between personal and professional journeys.

The car sharing app in Mallorca

Electric cars at your fingertips

Having a car available on the spot has never been easier. Find the station closest to your location and reserve the car for the hours you need. When you’re done, return the car to the same station and leave it charging for the next user. Car sharing is caring 🙂

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Sustainable mobility

Tailored mobility solutions

For a customised solution, contact us and we will design a tailor-made sustainable mobility plan. Our reservation system allows you to incorporate a corporate fleet for the exclusive use of employees. This way you can optimise the use of cars and reduce the cost of corporate mobility by 30%.