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By sharing an electric car you promote a more sustainable mobility on the island.

Sustainable Mobility

Car Sharing Benefits

Imagine paying for your car only when you use it. Through the use of car sharing, we are able to decongest traffic and reduce the space occupied by a parked car. Did you know that one shared car is equivalent to the space that 15 parked vehicles would occupy on the street? With Muvon you can travel up to 300 km at a stretch with all expenses included while promoting a more sustainable type of mobility.

Save money

Forget about paying for petrol, insurance, maintenance, MOT, taxes or parking.

Do not pay ORA

Electric vehicles are exempt from paying ORA in most municipalities of Mallorca.

Save time

With Muvon you avoid the hassle of renting or owning a car.

Ventajas del carsharing con Muvon Palma

100% renewable energy

Get around with an electric vehicle recharged with certified 100% renewable energy.

Sustainable mobility

Driving with Muvon helps to reduce urban pollution and noise.

Zero emissions

Our fleet is electric and does not emit polluting gases.

Muvon is a local initiative that offers an alternative mobility service to the island's residents and visitors

Our mission is to efficiently manage mobile resources through the use of car sharing in order to improve our environment and the current mobility model in Mallorca.

Through the use of shared and electric cars, we aim to reduce our emissions:

  • The number of private vehicles on the island (1.2 vehicles per person).
  • Urban space occupied by vehicles that remain parked on the street 97% of the time.
  • Pollution caused by the use of fossil fuels and noise pollution.

Toni Toledo

Founder & CEO

Belén Larraz

Co-founder & Marketing