Electric car rental in Mallorca

Feel the energy. Discover the new 100% electric Cupra Born.

Muvon and Cupra join forces to transform the way you experience mobility in Mallorca, offering you a unique and sustainable carsharing service thanks to the new electric Cupra Born.

Alquiler de coches eléctricos Mallorca - Muvon Carsharing

Much more than an electric car

Live the experience aboard a Cupra Born

Designed for those seeking a perfect balance between sustainability and performance, the Cupra Born invites you to discover a new way of getting around Mallorca with zero emissions and maximum efficiency.

From the high-resolution touchscreen to the driver assistance systems, the Cupra Born is equipped with the latest technology to make your journey safer, more comfortable and more entertaining. Connectivity, navigation and entertainment at your fingertips.

Equipped with multiple driver assistance systems, such as automatic emergency braking and adaptive cruise control, the Cupra Born offers safe driving while protecting all passengers.

With its sporty design and sleek lines, the Cupra Born is perfect for those looking to combine sustainability with a modern and attractive aesthetic. It has 5 seats, 5 doors and a large trunk that will make you travel comfortably.

The Cupra Born has a range of +350km that will take you wherever you need to go without worry. Travel the island from cape to cape without having to stop to charge during your trip.

Rent a car with Muvon Carsharing

Move around Mallorca with freedom and sustainability.

Discover the advantages of renting an electric car with Muvon Carsharing: no deposit, by the hour, totally online and without waiting. Live a unique and environmentally friendly mobility experience.

Alquiler de coches eléctricos Mallorca - Muvon Carsharing Cupra

Rent a car without deposit

With Muvon, rent your car without having to leave a deposit. Easily access a vehicle when you need it without worrying about additional fees or blocking funds.

Rent a car by the hour

Pay only for the time you use the car with Muvon’s hourly rental. Ideal for short trips or day trips, it offers flexibility and savings compared to traditional daily rentals.

Online and without waiting

Book and access your car directly from the Muvon app, with no lines or paperwork. The entire process is digital, fast and convenient, allowing you to start driving in minutes.

Sustainable carsharing

Explore the island without leaving a trace

Thanks to the use of electric cars we are able to reduce polluting emissions in Mallorca and reduce the footprint associated with transportation. Carsharing is based on the use of shared cars among several drivers, thus optimizing the use of the same vehicle, reducing the fleet of cars on the island and freeing up more space on the street.

Rent electric cars in Mallorca

Rent, drive, enjoy.

Muvon Carsharing allows you to rent an electric car for hours or days from anywhere through our application, simplifying access to a fleet of modern and fully electric cars. Muvon Carsharing is synonymous with ease and flexibility.

Download the Muvon Carsharing app, register as a driver and book one of the Cupra Born available in the app.

Go to the Muvon station, open the car with the app and drive. When you are finished, return it to the same station and leave the car charging.

The entire booking process is done online and in a few minutes.

With Muvon you pay only for the hours you rent the car, with all expenses included and fully comprehensive insurance. Check our rates on the web or app for more information on what is included in the hourly rental price.

Yes. At Muvon we have a flat day rate. If your reservation exceeds 10h we will apply the same price as a 24h rental.

The Cupra Born is fully electric and has a range of more than 350 km. More than enough to cover the island in one day without having to stop to recharge the car.

Our bases are equipped with a charger so that the car remains charging when not in use. In the unlikely event that you need to charge your car during your trip, there are more than 400 chargers where you can charge an electric car in Mallorca.

With Muvon you can move around the island, taking into account the restricted areas and ACIRE zones in Palma, for which you have to request permission.