Puntos de recarga coche eléctrico en Mallorca

Where to charge an electric car in Mallorca

Travelling around Mallorca with an electric vehicle is possible thanks to the more than 400 charging points available on the island. Among other advantages, electric cars do not emit polluting gases and are silent, helping to reduce pollution and urban noise.

Muvon is a car sharing service for electric and shared cars. By sharing a car among several drivers, we manage to reduce the number of cars on the island and free up the space that a parked vehicle would occupy. By driving with Muvon you are helping to promote sustainable mobility on the island.

In this article we share all the information so that you can easily recharge your car during your booking and plan your trip taking into account that you are travelling with an electric car.


How to recharge an electric car in Mallorca

Muvon cars have a charging cable in the boot and two NFC cards from the MELIB and Endesa X networks, available in the glove compartment.

In general, all electric car chargers on Mallorca require activation with an NFC or contactless card. Connect the cable available in the boot to the car hatch and the charger socket and activate charging by touching the card to the charger reader.

Follow the instructions for each charging point and make sure the vehicle is charging correctly. If the vehicle is charging correctly, the estimated charging time to reach full charge will be displayed on the driver’s screen.

Map and charging points for electric cars in Mallorca

If you would like to consult a map with all the charging points for electric cars, the Electromaps website offers a complete map that allows you to search by location, calculate the nearest points according to your route and filter by type of connector. Check beforehand the supplier and whether it is for public use, as many hotels have chargers for the exclusive use of their guests.

Map with all charging points for electric vehicles in Mallorca

Below we show you the different options for recharging an electric car in Mallorca, with the characteristics of each of them.

Muvon Carsharing stations

Muvon stations and parking spaces have a charger for the exclusive use of Muvon vehicles. When the car is not reserved and is in its parking space, the vehicle must be connected to the charger and charging.

During your reservation, use the car as if it were your own and try to leave it the same or better than you found it for the next driver. Sharing is caring.

At the end of your booking, remember to return the car with a charge of more than 30% and leave the car charging at the station so that the next user will have sufficient autonomy to make their journey. Muvon vehicles have a range of between 250 and 300 km.

If you have any queries, please call us on the contact telephone number or ask the station staff for help. We will be delighted to help you.

MELIB network

The MELIB public use network has more than 350 charging points for electric vehicles available in Mallorca and managed by the town hall of each municipality.

Vehicle charging is free and to make use of it you need to register on the MELIB app, available for iOS and Android. Muvon can provide you with the credentials of each vehicle so that you can access directly if you prefer not to register.

Muvon recommends using these points to extend the range during a visit to a point of interest or a lunch stop, bearing in mind that the current regulations do not allow use for more than two hours. If in doubt, consult with local mobility officers.

Carga de coche eléctrico red MELIB

How the MELIB network chargers work

Locate the point closest to your destination and check the status of the charger on the map of MELIB network charging points. Each station has 2 charging points. If the charging point is available, it will be shown in green.

With the MELiB app

  • Connect the cable to the car.
  • Log in with your username and password in the app.
  • Pulsa sobre el cargador con el que quieras realizar la carga.
  • Click on the charger you want to charge with.
  • Select one of the two available at each point by pressing on the power icon. Then select the type of connector. In the case of Muvon vehicles it is Mennekes, the icon with the most pins.
  • Confirm that you want to start charging the vehicle by pressing “Yes (Sí)”.
  • Connect the cable to the charging point and press “OK”.
  • After confirming charging, a “charging” status will be displayed in the red bottom rectangle.
  • Check that the vehicle is charging correctly on the driver display. If the vehicle is charging correctly, the estimated charging time to reach a full charge will be displayed.

Endesa X Network

The Endesa X network offers 40 fast charging points available at different points in Mallorca. Most of the points charge at a minimum speed of 22 kWh, which means that in 2 hours or less you can fully charge your vehicle.

You can recharge your vehicle for free thanks to the Muvon and Endesa X agreement. To do so, you will need the Endesa card that you will find in the glove compartment of the car.

How Endesa X network chargers work

  • Place the Endesa X contact card close to the display or card reader.
  • Connect the charging cable to the car and the charger.
  • If the reader does not seem to read the card, try approaching the card at different points on the charger, as the reader may have moved to one of the corners.
  • Follow the instructions on the charger.
  • Check that the vehicle is charging correctly on the driver display. If the vehicle is charging, the estimated charging time to reach a full charge will be displayed.

For charger status and availability, you can download the Juice Pass app or search on Google Maps.

Juice Pass app

  • Available for iOS and Android. No registration is required to check the status of the chargers.
  • Available for iOS and Android.
  • Open the app and press the “Recharge without registering”
  • button.
  • Scroll through the map to consult the charging points.
  • Locate the one that suits you best and check the availability of the charger.
  • If available, the number of available connectors will be displayed.

Find a charger via Google Maps

  • Search for “Endesa charger” on Google Maps.
  • The search engine will display the available charging points and connectors.

The charging points shown have been created by Google users, so the information may not be up to date.

LIDL supermarkets

The supermarket chain LIDL has charging points for electric cars in all its shops available during opening hours. These are 22 kWh semi-fast chargers free of charge for LIDL customers. The maximum charging time is 30 minutes. If there are no other customers waiting to charge, you can extend the charging time by 30-minute slots by simply pressing the button on the connector of your choice.

Check that the vehicle is charging correctly on the driver’s display. If the vehicle is charging, the estimated charging time to reach full charge will be displayed.

SMAP Parkings in Palma

Most of the public SMAP car parks available in Palma have specific spaces for electric vehicles with free 22 kWh chargers. The first half hour of charging is free, after 30 minutes the driver must pay the price of the car park, but not the price of charging, which is still free.

You will find charging points for electric cars in the following SMAP car parks in Palma de Mallorca: Parc de la Riera, Parc de la Mar, Via Roma, Manacor, Santa Pagesa and Marquès de la Sénia.

Other charging points available in Mallorca

Shopping centres such as FAN, Mallorca Fashion Outlet or large shops such as IKEA also have free charging points for electric cars on their premises.


Driving an electric car requires some planning. Our vehicles have over 250km of range, enough to get you from one point on the island to another. Follow these tips to optimise the range of an electric car while driving.

If you need to charge, locate in advance the charging point that is most convenient for you during your journey. For example, at LIDL supermarkets with semi-fast chargers or at the Endesa X network’s fast-charging chargers.

If the car is going to be parked during a stop, take the opportunity to charge it at a nearby charger to have enough autonomy for later.

Overnight is a good time to recharge your car at any of the charging points in the MELIB network or at the Muvon station where you picked up your car.

The charging infrastructure is constantly growing, so it will be increasingly easy to charge an electric car on the island, an ideal place to promote electric mobility. And from Muvon, also, shared 🙂

We hope you enjoy the experience of driving an electric car. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us. We will be happy to help you.


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