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Five tips for optimising the range of an electric car

Driving an electric car is an incredible feeling. Not only because of the absolute silence of the engine, but also because you know that you are moving without leaving a pollution footprint on the planet. However, electric mobility entails the practice of a more conscious and responsible lifestyle. The main reason is that the range of the battery is limited, although if you think about it, so is the fuel tank of a car, right?

In today’s post we want to give you five tips to optimise the range of your electric car while driving, so that you can enjoy peace of mind and long range on your journeys with Muvon! Take note:

1. Reduce air conditioning.

Let’s face it, we all love to stay cool in the car when temperatures are high outside, or turn on the heating in the middle of winter. But in an electric vehicle, it is one of the factors that shortens battery range (between 5% and 20%), depending on the average speed at which you are driving. So, by avoiding or reducing the use of the air conditioning, the battery will always last longer. Another option is to air-condition the car while it is plugged in and turn off the air-conditioning when you are about to start your journey. We know it’s not the same, but it’s a viable option.

2. Use ECO mode.

Most electric cars incorporate it and driving with Muvon you can also use it. This system optimises energy consumption, smoothing the motor’s response and limiting speed, among other driving functions. By activating this mode, you will also slightly increase regenerative braking, favouring greater autonomy.

3. City driving.

If you have to travel to a place that is only accessible by road or motorway, that’s fine, just do it! But if there are stretches where you have a choice between city or highway, drive in the city, as this is a very significant energy saving for an electric car.

If there are stretches where you have a choice between city or highway, drive in the city, as this is a very significant energy saving for an electric car.

4. Encourages regenerative braking .

Regenerative braking is one of the most useful systems in electric cars. This system allows the vehicle’s speed to be reduced, transforming kinetic energy into electrical energy. In electric cars, braking is synonymous with inefficiency, so driving at a constant speed, accelerating progressively and extending braking as much as possible can increase the battery’s range by up to 20%.

5. Avoid pressing the accelerator pedal to the metal.

As well as keeping your speed as constant as possible, keeping your foot off the accelerator will help your battery last longer. We know it’s hard to resist, as the immediate response offered by an electric car is not available in a petrol car, but if you want to optimise your range as much as possible, you’ll need to take this into account.

Moderating the use of the air conditioning, activating the ECO mode, encouraging your city driving, using regenerative braking and avoiding pressing the accelerator will undoubtedly extend the range of your electric car.

In case you didn’t know, with Muvon you have 300km of autonomy (which is already a lot), but it is important to bear in mind that this amount of km will vary depending on the type of driving you do and how much or how little you follow these guidelines that we have given you, in your journeys.

After giving you these tips, it’s time to stop theorising and put them into practice. You know, follow these tips and… long live your autonomy! 😉


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