Muvon carsharing Palma de Mallorca

Three years of carsharing in Mallorca

The Mallorcan company Muvon shares the results after three years of carsharing on the island. In 2021, they have avoided the emission of 15.3 tonnes of CO2 thanks to the 138,585 km travelled in electric cars shared between all drivers. By using energy from renewable sources to recharge the cars’ batteries, they have also avoided the use of 2.02 Tons of Petroleum Equivalent (TOE) and 12,300 litres of fuel.

Each shared car replaces an average of 12 owned vehicles, which remain parked on public roads 95% of the time. With a fleet of 7 electric cars, they have managed to free up 900 m2 of space in the city, equivalent to 84 vehicles parked on the street.

Founded 3 years ago by Toni Toledo, Muvon offers an electric car rental service by the hour through its app. The vehicles are available at different stations in Palma for residents and visitors to use the car when travelling around the island, optimising the use of a single vehicle.


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